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365 days postcards stories countries cities places adventures… around the world

365 exposition is an original idea by Ass. Intercultura (Dinan – FR) finalized by IFOA (Reggio Emilia – IT) thanks to the Erasmus+ project GANG CRÉATIF. 365 expo is promoting European citizenship, interculturality, plurilinguism, creativity, and international adventures.

350 cities

Regional Authorities, Municipalities, Associations, Embassies and many various motivated people gave contributions to the 365 expo in more than 350 cities.

25 languages

More than 25 languages involved in the development and collection of the 365 expo, thousands of conversations, messages, phone calls, videos, chats, letters.

75 countries

Starting from Europe and moving all aroung the world to complete the 365 expo, km after km through 75 countries.

& the GANG

Ass. Intercultura (FR), IFOA (IT), La Vibria (ES), Enoa Linguistics (RO), IKOS (TK).

To know what you’re going to draw, you have to begin drawing.

Pablo Picasso

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